HouseWelcome to my website and thank you for looking. I have been building houses in Nelson, Amherst, Augusta and Gloucester counties in Virginia for over fifteen years. Prior to that I have built custom homes in south Florida. I started my construction business in 1990. Since my companies inception I have always concentrated on providing my clients the most bang for their buck. I keep a low overhead so that I may provide you with the most cost effective pricing in Wintergreen, Stoney Creek, Nelson, the surrounding counties and even on the water in Gloucester county Virginia. I am a premier builder of Modular homes at Wintergreen and Stoney Creek. I am the only custom home builder in Wintergreen and Nelson County providing high quality modular log homes. These homes provide all the ambiance of a custom built log cabin at a modular home price.

I was also the first builder to use Insulated Concrete Forms, ICF, in Nelson County. These concrete forms utilize the latest green technology to provide the owner with outstanding insulating values. The ICF’s use a polystyrene form filled with concrete to provide R values in excess of R-50 for an outside wall! Like a log home, the ICF homes, provide a thermal mass that helps the home temper the extreme outside temperature swings. From some of the techniques I learned in Florida I can build you a house or an addition that will withstand the test of time not to mention the test of hurricane force winds.

If you are just interested in adding to your home I can do that as well. The modular construction can be adjusted to provide you with a design you love or I can build to your plans. I do not have a design studio but do deal with a few architects and designers to create you dream home.

If you are interested in building a custom home here at Wintergreen, Stoney Creek, Nelson County, Amherst County, Augusta or Gloucester county and want a wonderful home at a reasonable price please give me a call.