HMMC Custom Homes

Hello, my name is Mike Crandall owner of HMMC Custom Homes. I live in Nelson County and I am a Virginia class “A” building contractor.  I specialize in a lower cost alternative to the large builder.  My low overhead allows me to pass a substantial savings on to the client.  Being small has its benefits.  It allows me to concentrate more closely on the job at hand, your job.  From a deck expansion, to a large addition, or a full house construction, I can save you time and money.  If you are interested in a second home or that very special first home I am the home builder for you.

One way to get more for your dollar is too build with a modular design.  A modular house is built in a climate controlled factory, and then shipped to the site.  But this doesn’t mean that you can not make changes to the house design before and after it has been built.  The factories can accommodate many changes as long as it conforms to the factory building process.  I am currently the only builder in Wintergreen, Virginia actively building these modular homes.  In the end, the modular home will provide you with one of the lowest square foot build prices available.  With the additional benefit of climate controlled building, you will get an exceptional product.  The modular design also lends itself to a faster build.  I can get you into a modular house design fifty percent faster than a conventionally framed house.  The added benefit of the modular house is that the house will never sit in the rain unfinished.

If a log cabin is what you prefer, I have those also.  I am the only contractor in Nelson County building modular log cabins.  The modular log cabin is a modular home, but built out of logs.  The same factory build technique is employed with this construction.  If you are interested in the feel and look of a log cabin, this will be an exceptional choice.  The houses can be constructed on a full basement, partial basement or a crawl space.   I have also built conventional custom log cabins to the owner’s specifications.

Just a few years ago I built my house in Nelson County.  With all of the techniques available to me, I chose the Insulated Concrete Form, ICF, method.   The ICF provides the most energy efficient wall construction available.  In Virginia we get those swing temperature days where the day temperature is a good thirty degrees warmer than the night temperatures.  During these days, a conventional house suffers heat loss at night requiring the heating system to activate.  In an ICF house, the concrete wall mass retains the daytime heat carrying it into the night.  The result is a house that maintains a constant temperature.  This equates into a substantial economic savings.  The plain fact is that in an ICF house, the heat and air conditioning will not have to come on as much.  For this reason your HVAC system will not have to be as large as, compared to, the same size conventionally framed house.  This savings will be passed on to you.

If you prefer a Conventionally Framed, Stick Framed, house I have done several of those for my clients.  A conventionally framed house will allow the architect to use his imagination as well as your imagination to build your dream home.  I have dealt with many local architects as well as more nationally renowned groups.  If you can design it, or have it designed, I can build your dream home in a way no others can.